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Autumn Mandala 10/14/08

October 14, 2008

Autumn is so full of beautiful details. There is so much to look at and so much to create.

Caroline has a great post on Mandalas and then I looked at my date book and the theme of the week is. . . Mandalas. It stated that you should go out into nature and create a mandala using whatever you can find as inspiration. So I did!!

So now I challenge you–Go forth into the wild (whatever that is for you), find leaves, stones, shells, feathers, whatever catches your eye and make a Mandala. Enjoy it for a little bit and then give it back to nature.

Congratulations! you are part of the never ending cycle of birth and creativity!! Have a blessed and joyful day!!
Peace~ Dawn


Forsythia, Forsooth

March 20, 2008

Happy Spring, everyone! get out there and spot some life and welcome it back into the world! woohoo!!


Today is Thursday, Pretty Cut and Dry

February 28, 2008


This is what our place looked like yesterday morning!  Snow.  My sister called and said, “okay, so WHEN are we moving to Florida?”  If I could have mounted an escape plan then and there, believe me, I would have.  Thankfully, today looks a lot different.  Most of the snow is gone and the sun is shinning bright.  It truely is a new day.

It is also my day off.  Love Thursdays!  I put dinner in the crock pot and then got down to business.  I have my Spinach Scarf blocking on the dining room table (finally) plus I am blocking the dishcloth for Larissa’s art project” so I can get that in the mail.  I made a new herb heat bag for my clients at work plus a fragrant eye pillow for me (full of lavender and clary sage essential oils–heavenly).  Now, it is the afternoon which means time for me to wind down and do some reading, knitting and journaling.  I am going to get a pot of tea on and then relax.  

I hope you all are having a most delicious day, too.  Here is the latest quote from A New Earth:

“Spiritual realization is to see clearly that what I perceive, experience, think, or feel is ultimately NOT who I am, that I CANNOT find myself in all those things that continuously pass away.”  pg. 78 

The paragraph above that one talks about discovering your true identity, that which you truly are and not what your ego would have you believe yourself to be.  My take on that section boils down to: you cannot obtain Presence (Awareness).  You cannot set it as a goal or strive for it.  You have to Practice it, every moment of every day.  Awareness is a process, always unfolding.   You are either aware, present or you are not.  Pretty black and white.  

Class dismissed.  Peace~ Dawn  


Little Droplets

November 28, 2007

Nature’s magnifying glass.


Call Me!

June 9, 2007

I got this cool new cell phone. It is the ENV from Verizon. I love it! it is a little technically advanced for me but I figure it will be a nice learning place before I get my iPhone. Oh yes, but I have to wait till they come off the AT& T plan because I love Verizon. I’m hoping in a couple of years that the price comes down, too. It is a little too expensive, but it will serve as my iPod and Phone so, two birds and all. Anyway, back to the ENV: lots of cool features and I am not a texting person but have decide to give it a go. My boys like to text so I figure it will be a cool way to keep in touch with them. Also, I have never had a cell phone with a camera (let alone VIDEO!)–I’m a dinasaur, I know this–So that is a fun feature. Now I will never be without a camera (well, not Never, but close to never).

Baby Wrens left the nest over the course of 3 days. We kept finding them behind stuff this time. This batch was more confussed than the last (I think because of where the nest was). Anyway, sorry for the fuzzy shot, they are very skittish and it was hard enough getting this one picture. Don’t you just love the baby fuzz on top of the head. So cute, like a furry mohawk.


Fodder for a Nest?

June 1, 2007

Well, here is what is becoming of the mohair/silk yarn (or the peanut):
I completed a lot of it yesterday while we waited for my son to register for college. Boring for the parents but exciting (somewhat for the kids). Since my son will be commuting, a lot of what they were covering didn’t pertain to him, but you have to sit through it all. This piece of light and airy froth was a nice way to pass the time.

Now, remember those house wrens that made a nest and had babies in my garage? well, they’re back and this time they made their nest in a Tupperware bowl that is in a cabinet in the garage. The babies have hatched and the mama gets soooo made if you get near while she is waiting to feed them. She sits nearby and squwaks something aweful until you get done with the laundry or getting something out of the deep freeze. Geeshe!
It looks a little like a mad experiment gone wrong, but I assure you, the babies are fine and healthy and will be leaving the, um, nest shortly. We also have Purple Finches in our boston fern on the front porch. Apparently, we are an incubator for natures feathered friends.

Have a fantastic Friday!!! yay!


Look, She Knits

May 24, 2007


See, there has been knitting going on here. I just can’t post about it ALL the time. Well, I could but I choose not to. I don’t normally stand around knitting but when I put on that outfit, I felt so cute, I wanted to share it with you. I wore it mainly because my new room at work is like a sauna! I have the vent wide open, a fan blowing and still it is stuffy and hot. I hope that the owner gets it fixed otherwise I may not be able to handle it as the summer rolls on. Oh, and I also have dark, heavy lined curtains hanging at the windows. I should take a picture of my massage room to show you. It is small but cute, like a jewel box, all purple and cozy-like.

Tomorrow is a big day around these parts. My second son is graduating high school. I am going to brag a bit. . . they only do top 10% recognition here but my son is in the top 15%! which (in my opinion) kicks ass!! He is so smart and so sweet and so cute and so tall. I will have plenty of post grad photos over the weekend (I know you are looking forward to that). He will be going to the same college as his older brother (that sounds funny since #1 is only 362 days older). #1’s major is Graphic Design and #2’s will be Mass Communication (he likes photography).

That is a picture of the moon with Venus that my sister called me about the other nite. It was much cooler in person, but you get the idea. Look at the close proximity of that planet–it was one of the prettiest nite skies I think I have ever seen.

Carry on with your day–Peace~DAWN
on a P.S. note: my youngest son’s reading class is watching Alfred Hitchcock’s “THE BIRDS”. His reading teacher is the bomb!! she also taught them poetry by teaching them the song lyrics of people such as John Lennon and The Beatles and Bob Dylan. Hello, my teachers in Elementary school were never that cool (except for Mrs. Cowling).