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The Bad and The Good

April 10, 2008

That my dear friends is the HOLE that was in my engine.  You remember the engine that I had to have replaced a few weeks ago.  Well, that hole was about the size of a soft ball.  My “new” engine is in and my car is running perfectly.  In fact, much better than it was the whole time I have had it.  Hmmm, it was probably bad all along.  Anyway, on to the Good:

This is some relatively expensive yarn from Art Yarns called Silk Rhapsody in a pale, dusty pink with gold.  It is a silk, kid mohair blend and it is so silky soft and shimmery.  I splurged because as I was walking through the LYS yesterday returning 2 skeins of organic cotton I spotted it and thought, “oh that is so pretty” and then I touched it and thought, “oh that is so soft”  and then I said, “screw it, it is mine”.  So yesterday I hand wound it into a nice ball and it is waiting, patiently for the arrival of a pair of knitting needles I am testing for a fellow blogger.  She wants to add them to her store and asked if I would test knit with them.  What an excuse for luxury yarn.  I will blame it all on her {hehehe}.  

Have a terrific day–I know I will because it is my day off, all my company from over the weekend and beyond have left and I am sitting in peace and quiet.  Ahhhhhhhh. . . . .


a pause and some Yarn!

January 25, 2008

I just need to say this… I love Daniel Day Lewis.  I love this man.  He is brilliant as an actor but as a human being he oozes humanity.  I just saw him on Oprah (oooh, guilty pleasure) and in the middle of his interview, for no apparent reason, he paused to send condolences to Heath Ledgers family.  He didn’t even know him, never worked with him but you could tell it weighed heavy on his mind.  He had to take a moment to compose himself afterward.  I love him!  [I also loved Heath and his awesome acting–so sad]




This is the yarn I bought to make the Buccaneer Booty Socks.  The drawers they are in I got at Hobby Lobby for $6!  my essential oils fit perfectly in it for work.  Yay!

Happy weekend, all!   


I Love Yarn!

September 28, 2007

I love my local yarn store. They are great enablers.


The Yarn Pyramid (applause, applause). On top we have a nice home grown soft alpaca shorn and spun right here in middle Tennessee and the supporting cast is all a wool/alpaca/acrylic blend each selling for $3 a slein! that is half off, folks.

I finished the last sock yesterday and will have a photo shoot with my son some time this weekend. We had an open house at work last night and it went very well. I have a full book today! I also have the pattern written down and will post it, too. That was the most random string of sentences, ever. Waiter, Coffee Please!

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend and if you have the notion give a skein a squeeze!
Peace~ Dawn