I am 1- a wife and mother
2- a knitter
3- a massage therapist
4- crafty
5- young at heart
6- love animals
7- spiritual seeker
8- tree hugger
9- short on patience
10- long on kindness



  1. Hi Dawn –
    Have been enjoying your blog and seeing your projects – I am planning to try the well-traveled bag. I’m also wondering if you could tell me where to get the patterns for a few of your other older projects?


  2. Hi Dawn,

    I really like the projects on your site. I’m starting the well-traveled bag and had a quick question. For the strap at the end, you mentioned eyelet garments–I wasn’t sure what those are–are they like grommets?

    Any help welcome,

  3. Hi Dawn–thanks for the comment on my blog about my “repurposed” purse–I enjoyed reading your blog here!


  4. Saw you at OGP–wonderful site! I shall favorite it.

  5. Hey… I believe that I know your hubby from High School days back in Hendersonville. Good to see he made it through the AF. Tell him I said “Hi”. I enjoy your stories and photos!

  6. help with well traveled bag.

  7. I absolutely love the well traveled bag pattern but I’d like to make it bigger. I figure I can double the length of the initial chain, and double the number of rows of each color, but I’m unsure how to handle rows 3-20. Should I make it 40 rows? I’d appreciate any advice.

    Also, do you think doubling the amount of yarn I order will be enough or should I triple it?



  8. Dawn-

    You took all your crochet patterns off the site-wah!!!!

  9. Hi,
    I absolutely love your Keyhole Scarf pattern and have made two so far! I even sat down and worked up a hat to go along with one scarf using the same stitches.

    Thanks for a wonderful pattern. I just stumbled upon it in a google search.

  10. Hi, Dawn, I wanted to thank you for your Curly Girl scarf pattern. My church prayer shawl group loved it and so did the kids. Had to pry one of them from their little hands during the blessing last Sunday. It was a great hit – happy and celebratory for the Christmas season. Merry Christmas and thanks.

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